How to Attract A Guy

Attracting menMany women struggle to understand how to attract a guy. This is the twenty-first century ladies, and the methods of how to attract the opposite sex has changed. Women no longer have to sit around waiting for the shy guy in the corner to get up the nerve to approach them; they can take matters into their own hands. Here are a few tips on how to attract a guy you want to meet.
Get In the Game 
You have to be out there to be seen! Find activities and social events that you enjoy and sign up or participate: the more active you are, the more people you are likely to meet. Dating is a numbers game, the more people you meet, the better chance of finding that special someone who lights your fire. You don’t have to rely on bars to meet eligible single men. It's fine to hang out at Starbucks every once in a while. Join a gym, church singles group or tennis club. There are literally hundreds of places to meet eligible single guys.
If you find someone of interest, try to get to know each other. You can accomplish this by getting to know his friends and asking that they introduce you. Or, you can join the clubs he is also interested in and start a conversation about how excited you are about joining, or your expectations of membership.
Look Your Best 
Dress like a lady and make yourself attractive to men. Try wearing a skirt when you go out letting guys know you have curves. I’m not suggesting you dress like a seductress; just don’t dress like the boys. There is nothing wrong with wearing clothes that are feminine and flattering.
This is common sense, but make sure you are clean and fresh. Don’t go out to socialize with chipped nails, unkempt hair and too much perfume. Simply make sure you shower daily, use deodorant and make yourself presentable.
Get His Attention 
In order to get his attention, you will have to begin with the starting point of any hook up, you will need to flirt. Flirting can be fun and does not necessarily mean you are leading someone on. It’s an invitation to get to know you, and at the same time, gives you the opportunity to size up the guy across the room.
You need to position yourself in a spot that allows for conversation starters. If you are sitting in the corner table of a restaurant with your girlfriends, it will be hard to strike up a conversation with a guy at the bar. If you do sit at a table with friends, make sure you occasionally make your way up to the bar giving yourself the opportunity to meet your adoring public.
Once you are close to your intended, smile and make eye contact. You should approach flirting with a sense of wonder, fun and confidence. Don’t look down, chew your nails, cross your arms or appear uneasy, this makes you look like you would like to be someplace else.
Learn to enjoy yourself in the company of men. Finding an eligible partner should be fun and rewarding, not a chore. Be yourself and move on if your crush does not appreciate your company. If he does not see how amazing you are, he doesn’t deserve you.
Always Be Positive 
Nobody wants to hang out with someone who is always negative and speaks only of their inner demons and family problems. You can share some of this stuff later if you feel inclined; keep your initial conversations light, fun and positive.
Men and women are drawn to people who like themselves and appear to enjoy life, so make sure you enjoy being who you are. Don’t talk incessantly about yourself, engage him in conversations about his life and interests; when the conversation turns to you, focus on the positive.
In the beginning, keep conversations about your ex-boyfriend(s) to a minimum. No guy is going to be impressed with stories of your ex, even if they are positive ones.
Know What You Want
Finally, know what you are looking for in a man. Be self-assured and confident and don’t lower your standards. I’m not suggesting you become judgmental, just secure in what you expect in a partner.
Be realistic and realize who you are and what the best fit for you is. Don’t expect to attract an athletic vegetarian if you are a meat eating couch potatHow to Attract Meno. On the other hand, don’t settle for a bar fly with commitment issues just because he shows you attention.
Expand Your Dating Pool 
When it comes to effective ways to meet potential mates, online dating has become another effective way for women to expand their dating pool. Learn how to attract a guy on the Internet by reading this extraordinary online dating book. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and the right one could be one click away.